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MEBS Call Center PH hires many youngsters at the beginning of their careers. We provide them extensive training which transforms them from a college pass out to a competent professional. We provide our employees an opportunity to interact with clients across the globe which helps them understand the business point of view. Our trainings includes call handling skills, do's and dont's in a call, the culture of the country we are dialing for, grammar and pronunciation, etc. It also includes role plays, mock calls, and team building exercises. We provide sessions which helps them to improve their skill sets. In addition, the employees are trained as to clearly understand their job's complete details. 

We at MEBS have a friendly working environment and employees are encouraged to voice their opinions, suggestions, and problems to the top management.

In this competition driven industry, a company is as good as the quality of employees it possesses. Hence, we encourage all employees to work to the best of their capabilities and instill positive, and competitive spirit. Here, hard work never goes unnoticed. Work done by employees are closely monitored and mentored. In addition to the excellence of the work we provide, the company also provides all activities that would make this a better place to work in.

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