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Life at MEBS

MEBS Call Center PH is the ultimate destination for young, dynamic individuals who want to embark on an exciting career journey! Our rigorous training program is designed to transform college graduates into skilled professionals with exceptional call handling skills, impeccable grammar and pronunciation, and a deep understanding of the cultures of the countries we serve. We even have fun-filled role plays and team building exercises to make learning enjoyable!

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At MEBS, we foster a friendly and welcoming work environment where employees are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns to top management. We are committed to recognizing and rewarding hard work, and we promote a healthy, competitive spirit to help our employees achieve their full potential. And the fun doesn't stop there - we also offer a variety of activities to make every day on the job an enjoyable one! Come join us at MEBS and experience the thrill of building a successful career while having fun!

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