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Efficient Contact Centers With The Use Of Smart Artificial Technologies

The rise of contact centers highly impacts the industry and economy wherein this provides ultimate job opportunities that put more contribution on economic development. However, the relevance of these contact centers affects whether it's a negative mark on the contact centers or not. Contact centers struggle with different issues that may be overwhelming for them even while doing their best to provide the best customer experience. What people assume is that customer service agents necessarily have a great advantage from their work due to how they seem to be polite with anyone over their work. Yet, customer service agents are often overloaded with work and prone to burnout. Customer support professionals also find themselves repeatedly addressing simple requests, something that AI can help with. Legacy contact center infrastructure also results in slow responsiveness and efficiency, which in turn leads to customer frustration due to inadequate assistance and long hold times. Other issues that today's contact centers struggle with include missing out on upsell/cross-sell opportunities due to limited understanding of their customers, lack of service provision through customer-preferred channels, and providing different customer experiences across multiple channels. This is why many leading contact center operators are looking to turn themselves into smart contact centers to improve their process flows.

The world evolves with certain innovations that help people at their convenience and make things easier. The use of smart mobiles and newly invented artificial intelligence put contact centers at advantage to an extent. At the forefront of the transformation into smart contact, centers are artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies. Contact centers now have access to a range of advanced technologies, analytics, and automation in contact centers that can provide them with a wide range of benefits - right from improving customer service to lowering costs and increasing revenues. These are the various benefits that could accrue in the long run using AI — it improves the quality of services that the company has compared to the traditional use of customer services. With the right customer interaction, vision, and strategy, AI and RPA technologies can significantly improve service delivery and considerably reduce the time spent by agents on typical processes. By adopting next-generation customer service technologies, businesses can increase sales, revenue, and profitability. However, companies must act fast to obtain the first-mover advantage. It is only going to get increasingly more competitive in the future as more and more companies begin implementing advanced technological solutions. The more competition of technologies there is the more revenue that accrues under the company. But moreover, with the help of implementing advanced technological solutions, contact centers can use their time wisely without having to be drained due to how incentivized their workplace is.

How to Transition Towards a Smart Contact Center

Develop an Informed Customer Interaction Strategy

The performance of a smart contact center relies on the efficiency of their communication skills to customers and how they can handle a certain situation. But of course, it should be based on how adaptable a contact center is. It is important to have a keen grasp of changing customer requirements and behavior, technological advancements, and key developments across the value chain to understand how best to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. Making the shift toward AI-driven customer engagement can transform contact center operations, but will require thorough planning and strategic actions and investments. Tomorrow's smart contact center automation leaders will be those who develop bold visions and make well-informed technology and strategic choices toward digital transformation.

Create a Strategic Roadmap

A strategic roadmap is one of the significant things to consider especially in a non-monopolistic market. The strategic roadmap helps to be organized and more efficient on implementations and the like in a company. To make the most out of the use of AI to power smart automation of the contact center, leaders will need to create a strategic roadmap that considers all relevant factors across the entire customer engagement value chain. Doing so will help leaders provide quick, accurate, and personalized service by leveraging the latest smart contact center & customer engagement solutions. Smart contact centers of tomorrow will make use of increasingly more sophisticated voice bots, chatbots, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and self-service solutions to improve outcomes. These algorithms help the company to benchmark more and improve the audience reach of the company. One of the important things to consider in a company is the audience reach.

Provide the Right Skills to your Employees

Deciding on the right skills for employees is necessary to the workplace. It's important to improve the skills of the employees to an extent to gain more traction with the customers. To capitalize on investments in smart contact centers & customer engagement solutions, companies will need to empower their employees with the right skills and mindset to ensure that they are proficient in using all the advanced tools at their disposal. Educating employees on the new strategic direction that the firm is heading towards can also go a long way in helping them deliver services that are in line with strategic initiatives. Customer support agents can become wary of using new unfamiliar AI-enhanced tools, so management must ensure that they view the new technologies as tools to help them deliver better outcomes. With the right training, employees can be turned into brand ambassadors and enhance their preparedness to handle live customer requests and issues. With these, the company can embrace a good environment due to how educated the employees are.

Act Swiftly

Contact center operators are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of leveraging smart technologies like contact center automation to streamline their processes and enhance productivity and profitability. Therefore, to gain an advantage in the market, contact center operators need to act swiftly and decisively to implement a minimum viable product and then tweak it according to their customized requirements. Quickly implementing solutions can help you gain better and faster results than waiting for years to establish a fully structured solution. The initiative on this is necessary to the company and puts the company at a great advantage especially if the company has competition.

Outsource Contact Center Services to MEBS Solutions For the Highest Quality Services

Flatworld Solutions has been providing highly professional and competent call center services, to clients from across industries and geographies for over 17 years. We have a firm grasp of the contact center industry and have developed significant skills and know-how in how to provide customer support services that make a huge positive impact on the businesses of our clients. We are also at the forefront of using smart technologies in our operations. Having worked with diverse clients, we understand that each client's requirements are different and that's why we provide highly customized services at truly affordable prices.


We live in a world that’s powered by software. You can order a cab ride by tapping on your phone screen, get toilet paper delivered to your door by a drone…and know your employees will show up to an emergency service call without even calling them.

Responding to last-minute jobs, keeping customers informed, and maintaining service contracts are all made easier with software, and can put you ahead of your competition as a professional service provider. We explain how.

Where do your employees see their schedule? Via email? On a piece of paper?

How up to date is it? To this day? To the minute?

Effective dispatching starts with effective communication.

If your employees have the Jobber app on their phone, they can open it up and see their most up-to-date schedule to the second. If you postpone a job or add a new one to their day because someone called in sick their schedule changes in real-time.

Your communication happens automatically, no phone tag is necessary.

Add to this your ability to include notes or attach files to each job in Jobber, and your employee has a solid idea of what to expect at each service call without you spending your time explaining.

When your communication is on point, you can rest easy knowing your employee will show up to a job on time, prepared, and ready to get right to work.

If your employees have the Jobber app on their phone, they can open it up and see their most up-to-date schedule to the second. If you postpone a job or add a new one to their day because someone called in sick their schedule changes in real-time.

The new dispatching standards

How you handle the 3 following situations will set you apart from your competition.

1. Responding to quote requests and emergency jobs

The faster you can respond to emergency jobs and requests for quotes, the faster you can send out an invoice for a job well done and get paid. No brainer.

Here’s what a time-sensitive call looks like with Jobber software:

1. While you’re on the phone with your client, pull up Jobber’s map view to see which of your employees are currently closest to the incoming job. (Made possible with Jobber’s GPS tracking feature.)

2. Once you’ve identified an employee, switch to the grid view to see when they next have a gap in their schedule, or drag and drop an existing job to create a gap in the schedule. Book a new appointment in that schedule gap and jot down any notes that might help your employee get to work faster.

3. Let the client on the phone know when your employee will be by, and rest easy knowing your employee already has an up-to-date schedule in their back pocket.

2. Keeping customers informed

Clients don’t like to be left in the dark. Period. Especially when they need to be home or at the office to give you access to a space within a certain time frame. You might schedule a 12 pm to 5 pm work window for good reason, but an opportunity to narrow that time frame for your client is in your best interest.


Whether or not you use Jobber, getting your employees to text your clients when they’re on their way, or to tell them that they’re running late is both a dispatch and customer service best practice.

The advantage of software like Jobber is that your employees can send a prepared text message to a client through the Jobber app on their phones. You standardize the message, and your employees simply have to press a button to send an ‘on my way’ or ‘running late’ note to the client’s cell phone number stored in Jobber. No finding and typing in numbers and messages while they’re on the go. Easy.

Make the waiting around part of the process easier for your clients and you’ll be their first choice and their first referral when a friend requires the services you offer.

3. Maintaining service contracts

Whether your maintenance contract has you servicing a client every month, every quarter, or as needed, you can save yourself time and ensure you don’t let a contract slip through the cracks by handling these recurring jobs with software.

A couple of weeks before the end of the month, you or your office manager can quickly call or email your clients, to confirm days and times, then easily drag and drop the appointment to the set date.

Another easier option is simply to schedule recurring jobs at your convenience then send clients an appointment reminder that asks them to call in if they need to reschedule. No telephone tag was involved.

So, gear up for building a sustainable relationship with prospects, get a healthy sales pipeline, and close more deals. Contact us today! Get in touch with us at

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