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Exposing False Beliefs about Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing reduces jobs locally

When a large corporation goes on a cost-cutting spree and outsources whole divisions overseas, the media is able to pick up on the news. As a result of the lack of local employment, companies that hire outsourced workers have a bad reputation. Although large-scale employment cuts by large companies undoubtedly result in local job losses, the net result in the case of micro, nano, and medium-sized businesses may be somewhat different.

Outsourced workers have poor working conditions

Outsourced workers should not have unsafe working conditions, contrary to popular belief. Unfortunately, extreme cases of sweatshop working practices in the garment industry have led to a negative impression of overseas recruiting. Yes, Outsourced workers are paying less per hour than their counterparts in California or Florida. Their pay, on the other hand, is in line with what is expected in the region. As I previously said, the Philippines-based outsourced workers that we hire have access to the same quality of life as a comparable staff member in the US. They get massages, watch Netflix, go out for lunch, and can afford to buy a house. We make certain that the employees we hire for our clients have access to the internet, office space, and supplies. We also assist our clients in establishing the proper frameworks for handling their outsourced workforce.

Working with businesses like ours and our customers provides them with certain advantages that they would not be able to obtain if they worked locally, such as:

  • Saving 3-4 hours a day in horrendous traffic. Your outsourced employee will have more free time if they work from home!

  • Lowering the chances of being mugged. There is a lot of petty crime as a result of crime and overpopulation. This is frightening because robbers can rob you at gunpoint only to take your wallet and phone.

  • Employees save money by not having to buy food. They will eat at home instead of buying an extravagant takeaway lunch when they work from home.

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