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Reasons for the Dominance of the Philippines in the Outsourcing Industry

It was as early as 2011 that the Philippines became recognized as the world's outsourcing capital of call centers. That was the year in which the Philippines overtook India, the world leader, in offering offshore call center services or what is often known as voice services. The Philippines has held its position at the top of the outsourcing industry for Call Centers since then, and now is also rising for Telemarketing, Cold Calling, Chat Support, and other similar services. The Philippines has shown its supremacy in call center facilities, while India also leads in offering non-voice outsourcing services.

Call center services are distinguished by inbound calls taken by agents and outbound calls made. The aims of these calls are to support the image of the client, raise sales profits and strengthen customer relationships. The Philippines has unique advantages over other countries that keep it doing well in call center outsourcing.

  • The people. What can make or break a call center is a manpower behind the calls. Filipinos speak English fluently, have a neutral voice, and find themselves friendly and service-oriented.

  • The track record. It is not a fluke that the Philippines is number one in the outsourcing of call centers. In order to provide contact center facilities, the industry prides itself on organizational excellence, adhering to best practices and consistency.

  • The reduced rate. While clients do not base their decisions on cost alone, in key areas such as labor, telecommunications, office space, third party suppliers, etc., the Philippines provides value for money with its lower costs.

The Philippine business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is exerting all its efforts to retain its dominance in call center outsourcing. This continued dominance will not only benefit the industry, the workers, and their families but will bolster the country’s economy as well. Take note also that not only the best Call Center Agents are found in the Philippines but you can also hire professional Telemarketers, Virtual Assistants, Appointment Setters, Cold Callers, Lead Generators, and more. Hiring BPO companies located in the Philippines will definitely help your business especially if it is situated in high costing cities like Sacramento, Tampa, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, Miami, or other cities in California and Florida. If you are in need of Call Center Agents, Appointment Setters, Cold Callers, or Telemarketers, feel free to visit Mancao E-connect Business Solutions at or contact our company at +1 (917) 725 2180.

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