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Reasons Why the Philippines is Among the Top Outsourcing Locations in the World

You get amazing value for money

Of course, the biggest reason firms from big cities like Sacramento, Tampa, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, Miami or other cities in California and Florida want to go offshore is that the cost of labor can be prohibitively large in their home country. You will grow quicker with offshoring, lower costs and raise revenues. If you look at the cost of life in the Philippines, it's well below the cost of living in Australia, the United States or Europe. That means you will pay a decent salary to others for much less than you will have to spend at home - actually up to 70 percent less. With an uncertain local government and economy, many famous offshore destinations offer great value for capital, but add risk to your business. The Filipino government, however, is stable and the economy is solid, and it is currently one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing economies. To help the outsourcing sector, they welcome foreign investment and aggressively reinvest in their infrastructure and technologies.

Customer service is top notch

It is possible that customer support is one of the core corporate roles that is a real waste of money - it is time-consuming and sometimes costly to manage. But when you go to the right destination offshore, that stops being a concern for your business. Filipinos are not only awesome at customer service, they just want to do so. They are incredibly warm, polite and empathetic in their own way. They're great at chatting on the phone, handling your online network or running your online chat, in tandem with their excellent communication skills.

You need the talent

Offshoring is not all about money saving. It's all about harnessing creativity in the local market that you can't necessarily find (or on a large scale). There is a highly educated, diverse talent pool in the Philippines. Every year, hundreds of thousands of university graduates come into the workforce. With so many people ready to work, we’ve built a database of hundred screened candidates with training and experience in customer service, telemarketing, cold calling, appointment setting and more areas.

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