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How To Start Outsourcing And Build An Effective Offshore Team

While outsourcing can be an effective business strategy in numerous industries, finding the right approach for your outsource team and managing it the right way is important to ensure success. Working with a remote team does not need to be difficult, stressful, or complicated. All it requires is good business planning and the right approach to managing your people.

Outsource teams are working remotely, so it is important to give them some time to fully acquaint themselves with your business before they can function effectively. Train new team members and give them time to familiarize themselves with your products or services and adopt your business culture as theirs. Regular communication is critical to building a successful outsource team. Developing good communication rhythm brings a huge amount of comfort, connectivity, and engagement with your outsource team. A 10-minute catch up via Skype, a daily “huddle”, or a weekly Zoom meeting can make a huge difference. With so many virtual tools available today, it becomes much easier to communicate with your offshore team.

One of the best ways to boost productivity, reduce costs and maximize growth is to supplement your staff with an off-shore team of specialists in the Philippines. Managing an off-shore team, however, isn’t always intuitive. So here are ten tips that will help you get the best out of your off-shore team.

1. Treat your offshore employees as part of your team

The best way to integrate your off-shore employees is to treat them no different to your on-shore employees. So, for example, ask them to meetings and include them in company announcements. That’s because, despite being employed by MEBS Call Center PH, your full-time off-shore team is 100% dedicated to your company.

2. Get to know them personally

Don’t treat your off-shore employees like a number. Instead get to know them, as you would your on-shore team. Find out about their family, hobbies, goals and what they do to relax and have fun. The more you understand your off-shore team, the better their integration and the higher your gains.

3. Learn about the Philippines culture

Understanding the Filipino culture is key to unlocking their potential. So for example, it’s important to know that whilst most Filipinos speak fluent English, they don’t always understand slang words. Also, most are Catholic, so they prefer not to work on Sundays and Christian holidays. Many can also travel up to two hours on unreliable public transport to arrive at work, so it’s understandable if they are a few minutes late.

4. Communicate daily with your off-shore team

Nominate a staff member in the local area to keep in touch with your off-shore team every day. This means that problems won’t become overlooked and everyone is on the same page.

5. Get your on-shore team on side

When your on-shore employees don’t feel threatened by your off-shore team, but realise they are there to help them (not replace them), everyone’s performance levels lift.

6. Visit your off-shore team in the Philippines

Integration becomes easier when you attend team bonding or training events with your off-shore team.

7. Don’t underpay your off-shore team

Whilst salaries in the Philippines are approximately 75% of your on-shore team, you really do get what you pay for! So don’t opt for the cheapest employees, instead hire the best candidates you can afford.

8. Assign a local Filipino team leader

If you ensure that one of your first hires has leadership qualities, they can help to build your off-shore team as well as help with cultural differences. They can be responsible for training, leading and monitoring your off-shore team’s daily tasks, becoming your main point of contact.

9. Create clear systems and processes

If you train your off-shore team correctly, there won’t be any mishaps or misunderstandings later down the line. So create clear systems and processes and a set of training modules that will pave your way to success.

10. Appreciate your entire team

Treat your off-shore team as you would your on-shore team with positive feedback and encouragement that creates a good working relationship and increased productivity. A simple ‘Thank You’ can go a long way to solidifying your team and maximizing their dedication to your business.

Recognize your team’s accomplishments and give them positive feedback when they do good work. Celebrate small victories with your team to show appreciation and to keep them motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic. Doing this makes them feel valued, fosters loyalty, boosts morale, increases their productivity, and motivates them to work harder for you and your business. For more information on building your own off-shore team in the Philippines, feel free to visit or contact our company at +1 (917) 725 2180. Check out Mancao E-connect Business Solutions (MEBS) and learn about their top-rated Customer Service Representatives, Lead Generators, Appointment Setters, Virtual Assistants, Cold Callers and Telemarketers perfect for your business in cities like Tampa, Beverly Hills, Orlando, Los Angeles and many more.

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