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About our Team

Company Overview: We Strive and Succeed Together!


MEBS (Mancao E-connect Business Solutions) Call Center PH is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company,  with its production office in Southern Leyte, Philippines, and with 8 sites, situated along the vicinity of Eastern Visayas. Established in 2016, MEBS Call Center PH possesses employees and clients that have been each other’s partners for growth since day one. MEBS has built a great rapport with each of its proponents, which nurtured them and brought them towards greater heights in their business and career-wise. 


MEBS Call Center PH has always been a partner for the growth, to clients, customers, and stakeholders, and most especially their ever strong-willed agents. We essentially provide satisfactory call center and back-office support which is mainly grounded in the goal of uplifting clients and customers to the greatest possible ease and success. MEBS is not only a BPO Company, but a company with due sets of corporate principles and is truly value-laden, which you can see in how the associates, stakeholders, and its agents vibrate professionalism, efficiency, and success, the end goal that we have been continuously surpassing for more than 6 years.


With its full potential, MEBS Call Center PH has catered beyond inbound and outbound calls. We make sure to assist you holistically and make the clients, and its customers experience a high-end and cost-efficient business solution that you can only encounter exclusively at MEBS. Rooting to what we mission and envision, we can be living the dream as we strive and succeed together!



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Amazement: An Extension to Customers’ and Clients’ Satisfaction


Satisfaction is the equity of the cost paid by the clients and customers. However, MEBS Call Center PH aims beyond its limits in the cutting edge of the BPO industry. We will not settle for less. We dream of the sustainability of the entirety of the company. From the employees to the customers, and the clients, we want to embrace challenges in the industry that would not only sustain the services needed by the clients but nurture the potential and prosperous success of each and every proponent. Satisfaction must be taken beyond equity, and amazement as an afterglow of that fulfillment. 


We Foresee and We Become


As what we envision, we are truly dedicated to creating a future like what we dream and foresee. Undeniably, in our own graceful phase, we are living the vision of having a strong bond relationship with our clients, customers, and employees. With this rapport, with deep faith and adherence to our own mission and vision, we are confident enough to live and relive the dream of having long-term sustainability and dependability with every proponent of our industry. We are now at the moment of what we dream, and we shall dream on, serve with our full potential, while we continuously contemplate for what we dream, foresee and become, we AMAZE, and we reach ACHIEVABLE GOALS. 


We have a Powerhouse of Great Minds!


Handling inbound and outbound calls is beyond just simple conversation. Communicating with customers has never been an easy task, thus, MEBS hires proficient manpower that deduces a high-quality service to the customers and clients. Moreover, MEBS cultivates the capabilities of these resources and exposes them to the greatest opportunities that they deserve. With this, MEBS ensures that we can guarantee the best and the most efficient BPO services we can possibly offer. 


Know What We Value the Most


Success for us is not only shown in figures. Success for us is the fulfillment of every dreamer’s (proponent) pursuits and endeavors, which can entirely be summated by their satisfaction with the company, and its success. For the clients to boost their sales, for the customer to attain the best possible deliverance of available products or services, and earning and having career opportunities for the employees. As much as the company values success, you know the entirety of what we value the most. 


Together, We Reach Achievable Goals


Our Site Locations


To date, MEBS Call Center PH has emerged in different areas in Eastern Visayas since we germinated in Southern Leyte, the Philippines back in 2016. We now have our sites in both Leyte and Southern Leyte, right on the domain of the 8th district in the Philippines. 


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MEBS Call Center PH: The New and the Next-gen Outsourcing Partner in Reserve for You 


MEBS makes customer service via call center a very good resort to be your partner for growth. We provide the best call center services by prolonging high-quality standards with respect to the industry, incorporating AI and Data-Driven technology offering 100% customer support. With MEBS, you certainly endowed a BPO Company founded with strong, trustworthy, and dependable rapport among its clients, customers, and stakeholders.



Not just to satisfy our clients, customers and employees but to AMAZE them


We envision ourselves to have a strong, trusted, lasting and dependable relationship among our clients, customers and employees reaching ACHIEVABLE GOALS

MEBS Power 10 - Company Virtues

Our skilled professionals who uses their knowledge of company products, services, and policies to assist customer with inquiries, complaints, or problems. They speak with customers, listen to them gain a better understanding of their needs, and offer possible solutions.