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Outbound Call Center - Outbound communication is communication that leaves your contact center. B2B lead generation, appointment setup, collections, fundraising, and market research are among the most common outbound services, and these include:

The various types of Outbound call center services offered by us
  • Appointment Scheduling

A call center manages all of your appointment booking and scheduling using these services, ensuring that customers or patients are never double-booked, ignored, or misinformed about their appointments.


  • Information Verification

Every encounter that call center agents have with consumers includes an identity verification procedure that is often disregarded. Agents often request a few pieces of information, such as a birth date or social security number, and then double-check that the answers supplied match what they have on file.


  • Lead Generation

Lead generation employs a focused technique that can give enhanced outcomes over other sales-generating or marketing strategies by gathering consumer information and market intelligence. Lead generation is more successful than traditional advertising since it utilizes your customers' information to drive targeted sales.

  • Customer Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys reveal whether or not consumers are pleased, as well as why they are satisfied or dissatisfied. The findings of the survey reveal what has to be done in order to maintain consistently high levels of customer service and satisfaction, resulting in improved customer loyalty and sales.


  • Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a sales and direct marketing approach in which sales representatives, often known as telemarketers, call prospective consumers on the phone or by web conferencing to promote their products and services. Inbound and outbound telemarketing are the two forms of telemarketing.


  • Third-Party Verification

In the event that a client alleges that they did not approve an account modification or transaction, third-party verification allows a corporation to resort to the interaction history maintained by an impartial third party.


When compared to inbound call centers, outbound support works in the reverse direction. Outbound call center services conduct calls to potential customers in order to increase sales of their client's products and services.


Business owners may unleash a variety of revenue-generating options by using MEBS Call Center PH's outbound call center services. Overall, partnering with a professional outbound call center service provider is critical to maintaining a positive sales trend.

Some major features to make us the best outbound call center service provider include:
  • Flexibility and scalability to match your business requirement

  • Proficient agents with superior communication skills to deliver the exact message

  • State-to-art technology to meet high call volumes

  • Transparent billing system

  • Recording of each call for futuristic advantage

  • Rigorous quality monitoring

  • Well-planned and Economical solutions

  • 24×7 support available

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