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MeBS Call Center PH Agents: The Strongest Phone Fighters in the World

“...For my business, I’m looking for hungry fighters going into war and battle on the phone, and they [MeBS Call Center Agents] are the strongest fighters you’ll ever see in the world.”

Mr. Eric Lindborg, a General Contractor from South California and a Homesol client of the MeBS Call Center PH had his testimonial video on the 8th of April, 2022 about his more than a year partnership with the said Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. He has been in the construction and telecommunication business for over ten years in California.

“I have had agents in California, all American Agents, and some are so very very experienced in telemarketing services. One of the important things to me is to be compliant with all the laws and regulations, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulated, registered, license-insured, all that stuff.”

He began his talk with his experience with construction and telecommunication based in California. With his introduction, he showed an offshoot of his qualifications in the telecommunications industry which subtly opened wide-range expectations towards the Philippine BPO Industry with the fact that he has more than a year of experience with the MeBS’ Home Solutions.

“About a year and a half ago, I was contacted by the MeBS to try out their call centers, and I did a lot of research before I signed up with them… Ultimately the Philippines is leading the world in telemarketing and telecommunications, you have the T-mobile Horizon, Paypal, a lot of huge names in the industry are turning to the Philippines for a lot of good reasons, because it is cost-effective and the work is so much honestly better than in America.”

Right at that moment, he saw the very huge potential of the Philippines in the BPO, Telemarketing, and Telecommunication Industry as opposed to the agents in America. He spoke

about the distinction between America and the Philippines in terms of cost-effectiveness and work ethics. As he said, America is comparatively much more expensive and has lower work ethics than the Philippines.

“In the Philippines, you have so many reasonable prices and your work ethic is unmatched anywhere I’ve ever seen. The choices I found in my research are Manila or Cebu, or big cities with big call centers but they are more expensive because the cost of living is higher.”

He also pointed out that the worst scenario for call centers in the big cities is that there are a lot of call centers of the agents’ choice and the cost of training would not be worth it and unviable with the tendency of them to hope for another call center after the training.

“... So the nice thing about MeBS is that they literally have the entire island [Eastern Visayas] with their offices, so they’re not gonna lose agents when they work for someone else.”

With that perspective, he certainly has very high regard for the MeBS call center as his partner in business. He reasoned out how constructive and gainful it is to work with the Mebs.

“I’ve had the best experience ever, with them being the most trustworthy I ever vouched for 100%, never had any issues whatsoever the agents work the hardest I've ever seen. The payment method is easy and secure, with a lot of options and no concerns there or any of that.”

He highlighted that there are actually two types of telemarketing, there are actually two different types, the customer service where the agents are extremely polite while the other one which is what he is looking for, is the “Hungry Fighters” going to war and battle on the phone on a daily basis.

“...They’re the strongest fighters you’ll ever see in the world,” he said pertaining to the MeBS Call Center Agents.

Finally, he recommended the MeBS Call Center PH as the third-party call center.

“Pretty much based on my experience, I recommend, if you’re considering using a third-party call center, MeBS is the right choice, it’s the smart choice and vouch wholeheartedly.”