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Outsourcing to the Philippines: A Key Business Strategy for US Companies

It is widely acknowledged that US corporations have greatly benefited from outsourcing companies, particularly in the Philippines where business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have served US firms for decades. In fact, numerous top US companies have outsourced their operations to the Philippines due to the outsourcing sector's diverse advantages and counter-cyclical nature. This has led businesses to explore offshore staffing as a viable solution, especially in today's climate where the benefits of delegating tasks to a skilled and dedicated offshore team are increasingly recognized.

While cost-efficiency is a major driver for outsourcing, it is not the only factor that makes it a highly effective business strategy. Offshore staffing also enables businesses to tap into a vast global talent pool and outsource skilled functions such as engineering, information technology (IT), telehealthcare, and human resources, among others. It is important for US companies to understand that outsourcing has evolved beyond traditional call centers and customer service roles to encompass a wide range of specialized functions.

Numerous US companies have found success outsourcing to the Philippines, such as Google, which outsources IT services, app development, software development, and analytical consulting to Filipino professionals. Similarly, Facebook expanded to the Philippines in 2016 and hires outsourced teams for customer support, IT technicians, and content moderation, including filtering out dark and offensive content. UnitedHealth Group's Optum outsources its consulting, customer service, project management, healthcare operations, engineering, and analytics needs to the Philippines. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo outsources a range of operations, including fraud detection, payroll consulting, financial accounting, and customer support, among others. Nike outsources its product manufacturing, and HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Amex, Coca-Cola, and LinkedIn also outsource various functions to Filipino professionals. These US companies benefit from the exceptional dedication and talent of Filipino offshore teams, enabling them to cater to their global customers and expand their business operations.

It is clear that outsourcing to the Philippines has numerous advantages for US companies, including cost savings and access to a vast pool of talented professionals. With over 10 years of experience in the BPO industry, MEBS Call Center PH can be a valuable outsourcing partner for US companies looking to delegate customer support, telemarketing, and other back-office operations to a competent and dedicated offshore team. MEBS Call Center PH is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, experienced managers, and a skilled workforce that can handle various functions for US companies across different industries. With its commitment to quality and excellent customer service, MEBS Call Center PH can help US companies achieve their business goals and expand their operations in the global marketplace.

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