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What's All About Content Writing

One of the best ways to get noticed is by implementing a digital marketing strategy. Having a strong online presence helps business owners attract new customers and increases customer loyalty. Like many professionals, you may be wondering where to begin. Creating valuable content benefits companies and consumers in many ways.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to professional writing created for an online audience to fulfil specific marketing objectives. Marketers and business owners publish content, also known as copy, online for many reasons. They may be looking to increase the traffic to their website or to inform their customers about a new product or service. But above all, their main goal is to reach a target audience that is most receptive to their well-crafted messages.

Business professionals often hire content writers to produce these high-quality messages in the form of sales copy, blog posts, articles, and social media posts. These writers must understand who the audience is to write a successful copy.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

To put it plainly, content writers specialize in writing online content. Some writers are skilled in a wide range of writing styles and topics, while others specialize in writing for a niche topic. Content writers are everywhere—employed by private companies, government organizations and by themselves on a contract basis as freelancers. Here are some of the most common types of content writers who are responsible for crafting unique content:

Blog Writer

Blog writers are masters of creating conversational, engaging content. They know how to write content that speaks to the intended audience and keeps them reading—often with humor and other forms of entertainment. Blog posts are highly entertaining for readers and typically serve a purpose, especially to loyal brand followers. Engaging blog content fuels organic website traffic. Companies that hire skilled blog writers who implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques typically discover a 55% increase in visitors to their site.

Brand Journalist

Brand journalists are similar to brand ambassadors in that they focus on ways to enhance a brand’s image. They’re storytellers who ensure that press releases, customer testimonials, company bios, brand stories, and human interest stories engage readers with the brand. They dive deep into the heart of the company to tell a brand’s story.


Copywriters are skilled wordsmiths experienced in crafting various forms of content for digital and, sometimes, print. They’re well-versed in countless topics and strategies designed to engage a specific audience. Copywriters commonly focus on writing cohesive website copy that flows seamlessly from one content type to the next, encompassing main content, site articles, product descriptions, infographics, sales collateral, and blog posts. They understand that each piece of copy has a distinct purpose and know how each piece fits together.


Ghostwriters take on writing projects that companies, business owners, and authors don’t have the time to do. They’re highly experienced in writing for different tones and voices to match existing content. Online newsletters and leadership messages from CEOs are often written by ghostwriters who have studied the brand’s voice and image. Ghostwriters often finish work for authors who are limited on time and resources. They also write eBooks, articles, white papers, and other forms of content.

Technical Writer

Technical writers differ from other types of content writers in that they have expert-level knowledge of math, science, or technology-related concepts. They’re skilled in turning highly technical topics into easily understood copy, which may include information about complex processes, components, and how to perform certain functions. They communicate with experts in the field to enhance the quality of the content and ensure the accuracy of its information. Technical writers are extremely detail-oriented and methodical in their approach to creating articles, guides, manuals, and FAQs.

Social Media Writer

Social media writers create engaging posts for a variety of social media platforms that encourage likes, comments, shares, and follows. They aim to craft content that produces buzz and attention, resulting in increased traffic and sales. They often work with graphic designers, videographers and other members of the marketing team to create unique social media assets like posts, quizzes, and other types of interactive content.

Email Writer

Email writers use their knowledge of human behavior and psychology to create content that drives people to take action. They work for companies and brands who want their customers to do things like sign up for newsletters, take advantage of sales, enter contests, and take surveys. They implement a call to action that gets people to follow their lead. Email writers know the importance of A/B testing and use their knowledge of comparison to test the outcomes. They understand that, in addition to a great sale, you must also have actionable words that drive people to follow through.


Scriptwriters are multi-media writers who excel at storytelling. They see the big picture of a brand’s vision and write a copy that aligns with that image in videos and podcasts. Their messages live in video and podcast scripts, radio ads, motion graphics scripts, and even chatbots. They understand that the copy they write must translate well into other formats, so they experiment with different lengths and versions of the copy. Additionally, scriptwriters often have a background in screenwriting and write scripts for feature films, television, and musicals. Their experience helps shape the quality of their content.

Long-Form Content Writer

A long-form content writer creates the type of lengthy content often seen in eBooks, data studies, pillar blog posts, case studies, and more. They write content that’s anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 words in length. In comparison, short stories are classified as content under 7,500 words in length. Basically, it’s not your typical blog post. Long-form content is about four blog posts in one. Long-form content tends to rank higher in search engines because its seen as more authoritative and trustworthy. Plus, many forms of long-form content are evergreen, meaning it still appeals to its readers years after it’s been written.

Ad and Promo Writer

Ad and promo writers are gifted when it comes to delivering the right message despite character count restraints. They meet with clients before creating content to ensure they understand the main objective of their message and how company goals interact. They often write content for landing pages, sales collateral, product descriptions, promo blurbs, ad copy, and even direct mail. They implement a call to action that’s memorable and concise.

What Skills Do Content Writers Need?

Every profession requires a specific set of skills that makes people successful in their industry. No matter the specialty, all content writers should possess the following:

Excellent grammar and style

Thorough researching methods

Ability to write quickly and meet deadlines

Knowledge of various tones and structures

Expertise in a particular field or industry

Creativity that fuels engaging content

Unwavering focus

Proficient communication

Great editing skills

Solid understanding of SEO

Knowledge of keyword research

Ability to understand audiences and write for them

Social media know-how

Where Do You See Content Writing?

Content writing thrives in the digital realm. Online content covers several types of writing. The most common types of online content are as follows:

Web Content

Everything that you read online is classified as web content. This includes the text you read on websites, as well as information in articles and blog posts. Companies with websites must have great web content to have a successful online presence.

Think about the various pages of a website. The home page, which includes an overview of a company’s products and services, explains what the business is all about.


Blogs enhance the content of a website in many ways. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to keep fresh content on your site. The types of blogs you choose to include on your site provide a helpful service to your readers.

Other blog styles provide in-depth information about new products, services, features, and anything else you desire in an entertaining format that’s easily shareable on social media. Building brand awareness takes time, but the effort pays off as more and more people discover your brand through your engaging content.

Social Media

If your business doesn’t have any social media accounts set up, now is the time to do it. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter offer space for your business to engage with an audience. Once people start following your social media accounts, you have the opportunity to establish a relationship that converts people to your brand.

Social media posts provide an opportunity for fresh content, feedback, and engagement. In fact, social media is the most accessible way for people to communicate with brands in today’s world. People can like, comment, and share your message with others, which is free advertising for your brand. Of course, if your brand needs a bigger boost than organic traffic can provide, there is always paid advertising.

Ad and Sales Copy

By design, ad and sales copy persuades audiences to buy products or services. The copy is typically direct and designed to evoke a response. Experienced writers who craft sales copy know how to keep it friendly and conversational. When you think about it, most people don’t mind getting a discount on products and services. They appreciate sales messages to an extent, as long as they’re well-composed.

Industry-Specific Writing

Industry-specific content written by medical doctors, attorneys, scientists, educators, and other professionals provides a high level of authority (which Google loves and ranks accordingly). While some business owners enjoy writing their own web content, many businesses hire writers with backgrounds related to their industry. Writing expert copy that accurately conveys important information is not for everyone, which is the reason that ghostwriters who are already knowledgeable in a specific niche get hired to write copy for various industries.

Journalistic and Public Relations Writing

Journalists make a living writing about real events that span a variety of topics, including business news. Businesses often hire public relations agencies to meet their communication needs. Any time they have big news to share with the world, writers create press releases and distribute them to the appropriate audiences, often through a newswire service that reaches thousands of journalists, news anchors, and writers in a variety of places. If your company’s news is exciting enough, you may receive a request to be interviewed for a news story or online article.

Creative Writing

Creative writing takes talent and a deep understanding of audience and purpose. Creative writers must know the brand and its audience well before attempting to create content that is humorous, witty, and colorful. But when used appropriately, it leaves a lasting impression. Talented writers infuse creativity into the content they write. Creative social media posts, blog posts, advertisements, and other types of online content evoke emotions in people that drive them to take action. This action results in positive wins for businesses in the form of conversion, publicity, and loyalty.

Why Does Your Business Need Content Writing?

Businesses should view content writing as a good investment that, when nurtured, yields conversions and customer loyalty. Content writing lays the foundation for a strong online presence, which is crucial in today’s digitally driven world. Here are 10 reasons why your business needs content writing:

Content Quality Matters

What you include on your website should benefit your audience. People find value in content that is well-written and well-researched. Plus, popular search engines reward websites that are authoritative and trustworthy by ranking them higher in the SERP, where people can find them. That’s why you should invest in skilled professionals who can take your website to the next level with high-quality writing.

Copywriters Know Strategy

Hiring a professional copywriter takes the pressure off business owners limited on time and resources. Experienced writers understand the many variables at play in an online setting. For instance, many people who aren’t familiar with SEO strategy don’t realize that the words you publish on a website factor into your overall online visibility. They start by writing what they know, without regard to keyword research. But this doesn’t always lead to success.

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